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Streamlining Payroll and Timekeeping with Myers Equipment

Background: Before partnering with WGP, Myers Equipment faced various challenges and struggles in their payroll and time-keeping processes. They were performing these tasks manually, which consumed a significant amount of time and effort and left room for errors. They recognized the need for a more efficient solution to streamline their operations and gain better control over their payroll and time-keeping functions.

Achievements and Benefits: Since implementing WGP's services, Myers has reported remarkable outcomes. WGP’s system and reporting capabilities have empowered Myers to make informed decisions regarding budgets and department management. They now have access to real-time data and forecasting tools that enable proactive planning and evaluation. Automating payroll expense projections has been particularly beneficial for their management team.

“What stood out about WGP was their exceptional team. Marcy, Alex, and Andrea, in particular, went above and beyond to understand our company’s unique requirements and tailored the platform to meet our specific needs. This personalized approach, combined with the team's unwavering support, made them the clear choice for us.” -Adam Myers

Streamlining Payroll Processes for Patriot Homecare

Background: Prior to partnering with WGP, Patriot Homecare faced a time-consuming and cumbersome payroll process. They dreaded payroll day due to the inefficiencies of their previous payroll service. Patriot Homecare sought a user-friendly solution that would streamline their payroll operations, provide transparency, and empower employees with self-service capabilities.

Achievements and Benefits: With over 230+ employees, Patriot Homecare experienced a remarkable transformation in their payroll operations after partnering with WGP. What used to be a day-long administrative burden turned into a minimal amount of time spent reviewing information every other week. Their software's user-friendly interface and intuitive nature allowed us to quickly verify and validate employee information. Additionally, employees gained the convenience of accessing their pay stubs and important pay-related information at any time.

“Initially, we were drawn to WGP due to the reasonable cost compared to our previous payroll service. We were impressed not only by the affordability but also by the team's rapid responsiveness and attentive nature. WGP promptly addressed any questions or issues that have arose and consistently provide timely payroll reports and information.” – Sean Davis, Patriot Homecare

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