YWRC Member Pricing

Youngstown Warren Regional Chamber Benefits

The partnership between White Glove Payroll and the Youngstown Warren Regional Chamber results in special pricing!

Flat fee per employee per run, or per payroll Varies -20%
Payroll set up fee $250-500 Waived
Federal tax withholding payments Included Included
State tax withholding payments Included Included
Local / school district tax withholding payments Included Included
Payroll tax return filing(s) per quarter $150-450 -20%
End of year and W-2 preparation and filing Included Included
Flat fee per W-2 or 1099 $3.00 $2.50 (cost)
Direct deposit of employee paychecks Included Included
Employee access to pay stubs and W-2 online Included Included
BWC payments and true-up report filing; new hire reporting $25-200/quarter Waived
Payment of child support and garnishments Included Included
Retirement contributions, if applicable $10-50/payroll Waived
Mailing fee Range Range
Billing method EFT EFT
Billing frequency As incurred Monthly